About Us

Our History than spans over six decades….

The journey of Richardson and Company (Ceylon) Ltd. began, when it was established as a local representative for electrical products and services, associated with its parent company Richardson & Co. (London) Ltd. It later became a Sri Lankan owned company due to government regulations in 1970.

The horizon expanded, and Richardson set its sights on Medium and High Voltage electrical solutions, serving clients in the UK and Europe. The Mahaweli Development Program was one of the largest infrastructure projects that Richardson and Company (Ceylon) Ltd was involved in.

Richardson embraced the challenges of turnkey development projects by establishing Richardson Projects, where the company handled several major national power transmission and distribution projects.

In a joint venture with the Mid-Day Group, Richardson Outdoor emerged, as a steppingstone into the world of outdoor advertising.

Richardson Electric was introduced as a leading lightning protection solutions provider for blue chip companies and telecommunication providers.

Richardson Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated and has grown into one of Sri Lanka’s leading outdoor advertising establishments, providing total Out-Of-Home and Digital Out of Home Advertising.

Richardson Engineering (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated solidifying their position as one of the major suppliers of pre-stressed concrete products in Sri Lanka.

Richardson Projects (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated providing Low Voltage Electrical Switchgear Solutions, Lighting Protection Systems, and Mechanical and Electrical Services in Sri Lanka. Their unmatched expertise and dedication has made Richardson Projects (Pvt) Ltd a trusted name in the industry.

Richardson Engineering opened its pre-stressed concrete factory in Puttalam to manufacture concrete poles for the “Uthuru Wasanthaya” programme: the strategic post war program initiated by the Sri Lankan government to develop the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Today, the factory has the highest capacity for manufacturing sleepers, by establishing a semi-automated railway sleeper manufacturing plant with a capacity to produce 130 sleepers per day.

Richardson Holdings (Pvt) Ltd. was incorporated as the parent company.

Richardson Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was incorporated and is the newest addition to the Richardson group which specializes in Smart Cities along with communication infrastructure.

From humble beginnings to an electrifying empire, Richardson has left a mark on the Sri Lankan landscape. Their projects have powered progress, their solutions have brightened lives, and their commitment to excellence has shone. With innovation as their compass, they continue to lead the way with their electrifying brilliance.



To become the preferred partner for Electrical Engineering solutions, assuring consumers with excellence.



To empower our customers by providing the most technically innovative and competitively priced electrical solutions, consequently making their electrical installations efficient and reliable. To excel in customer service by providing our employees with effective training to improve their skills, enabling them to achieve better career aspirations and future prospects.

Sustainable Innovation for a Better Tomorrow

My team and I are immensely pleased to report the exceptional success in all the market segments we have ventured into. Today, we are proud to claim our role in supplying components to several key power stations, providing mechanical and electrical services to principals on many Transmission and Distribution projects across Sri Lanka, being the largest Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising company in Sri Lanka, as well as providing high quality electricity distribution masts & railway sleepers to both Ceylon Electricity Board and Sri Lanka Railway.

From its humble beginnings in 1962, the company has undergone many challenges and has responded to customer needs with flexibility and dynamism. Having had a resounding success in the Medium & High Voltage arena, the next area of organic growth for the company was in the Low Voltage (LV) segment. Here the company’s specific focus was on switchgear, LV Distribution Panels, energy management and lightning protection systems. The company’s key objectives were delivered by my team, after an in-depth study and careful understanding of the diverse customer requirements and by being able to promptly offer unique solutions. Our strategies have paid huge dividends and we stand out as a Benchmark to the rest in the industry.

Richardson Projects (Pvt) Ltd has held more than 80% of the market share in Sri Lanka for surface treatment and application, and we have represented Jotun Powder Coating (Norway) for over than two decades. The powder is utilized extensively in the architectural industry. Richardson Projects (Pvt) Ltd, as the local distributor for Jotun powder, offers complete powder application solutions such as pre-treatment systems, powder booths (manual/automatic) preheat and curing ovens, manual/conveyorized powder coating lines, and powder coating guns.

Richardson Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd, the outdoor advertising arm of Richardson Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, was set up as a joint venture with Mid-Day Group, India. Richardson Outdoor has a strong track record in executing Private Public Partnership Projects (PPPs) with the Colombo Municipal Council and other local authorities, which has a direct emphasis on social responsibility, creating an environment of improved commuter convenience and safety. The numerous Private Public Partnership ventures between the Richardson Group and the CMC are: Smart City LED Street Lights, Road Information Signs (Gantries), Bus shelters, Street name boards, House number plates and Poster Provision Boards (Billboards), as per international guideline in the Colombo city. Today, Richardson Outdoor is the largest OOH advertising company in Sri Lanka spanning its presence in 8 cities including Colombo.

Richardson Engineering (Pvt) Ltd was established in 2011, specifically to cater to power distribution and railway infrastructure. Today, Richardson Engineering is in the forefront providing high-quality electricity distribution masts & railway sleepers to both Ceylon Electricity Board and Sri Lanka Railway.

As an engineering company, we feel that we are responsible for contributing towards the development of our nation and imparting valuable knowledge to raise the standards within the industry.

Richardson Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is the newest addition to the Richardson Group which specializes in Smart Cities along with communication infrastructure.

We owe our success to the highly talented team of employees, whose exceptional dedication and hard work have provided a strong foundation for the company to build upon. 

As an aggressive company, we constantly strive to achieve more each year and believe today’s excellence is tomorrow’s standard.

We look forward to continued success and towards making the most of the wealth of opportunities that lie before us in the years ahead.

Nazri Nizar

Group Managing Director

Leadership Team

Nazri Nizar

Managing Director

Kishaan Kanag-Isvaran


Azmeth Caffoor


Portia Jayamaha

Director - Finance

Asela Weerasekera

Director – Engineering

Imal Fonseka

Chief Executive Officer Richardson Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd

Pradeep Kahawalage

Chief Executive Officer Richardson Engineering (Pvt) Ltd

Anne Balakrishnan

Chief Revenue Officer

Shiyam Mohamed

Chief Operating Officer Richardson Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd

Freddy Arumugam

Chief Innovation Officer

Rabeendra Tilakaratne

Technical Consultant

Camillus De Hoedt

General Manager Supply Chain

Kanchana Fernando

General Manager HR & Administration

Sameera Vithanage

General Manager - FInance

Nilanka Sandaruwan

General Manager - LVS

Awards & Accreditation

Our compliance team ensures that we maintain the highest quality standards of our products and they are manufactured with responsible and ethical practices. We also take it upon ourselves to ensure that our suppliers adhere to those practices reflecting our values throughout the supply chain.

Our accreditations of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, SA 8000:2014, OMRI, RHP, GMP and UNGC, demonstrate our strong commitment to best industry practices in every sphere of our activity.

Nazri is an entrepreneur, creative innovator and investor dedicated to developing and enabling communities by providing innovative technology in the areas of power transmission, distribution and renewable energy.

He has been involved in enhancing public commuter experience through the use of technology and building sustainable cities by empowering its citizens through connectivity. Throughout his career Nazri has been involved in developing economies by implementing successful Private, Public Partnerships by offering innovative services and value creation. Nazri has pioneered Richardson’s involvement in successfully providing reliable power transmission and distribution systems, which have improved the system reliability of the national grid. Nazri also pioneered the deployment of a Micro-Scada system for enhanced identification of system faults and 5 times faster deployment of field personnel for restoration. He was also the lead in the proliferation of Sri Lanka’s powder coating technology for ferrous & non-ferrous surfaces for sustainable building solutions. Nazri steers many companies within the Richardson Group as the Co-Founder & MD Richardson Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd, Co-Founder & MD Richardson Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, and Founder & MD of Richardson Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Nazri holds a BSc in Business Administration from Clarion University of Pennsylvania, Clarion with a Major in Economics and Minor in International Business.

Nazri Nizar
Group Managing Director

Kishan is an accomplished business development and marketing leader offering over 20 years of experience in creating positive impacts for brands using out of home media. He pioneered the introduction of tier one electrical switchgear brands into the industrial and distribution markets.

Kishaan is an investor in agriculture and reforestation. Having worked as the head of business at Hayleys Advantis Limited (Formerly known as Maritime Agencies (Pvt) Limited) Kishaan became the Co-Founder & Director of Richardson Projects (Pvt) Ltd In 2005.  He successfully provided reliable transmission and distribution systems, thereby improving the system reliability of the national grid. Kishaan also pioneered the deployment of a Micro Scada system for enhanced identification of system faults and 5 times faster deployment of field personnel for restoration. Kishaan has been a strong and long-standing member of the Richardson Group filling many roles over the years. These include his role as the Co-Founder & Director of Richardson Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd, Co-Founder & MD of Richardson Distributors (Pvt) Ltd. Co-Founder & Director, Richardson Engineering (Pvt) Ltd, Co-Founder & Director Richardson Electric (Pvt) Ltd, and Co-Founder & Director Richardson Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Kishaan  Kanag – Isvaran

Azmeth is a success-driven, visionary, highly motivated and committed professional equipped with a broad background in providing top-notch leadership and services within the corporate organizations. His expertise lie in business start-ups, and business development. Azmeth is an expert at planning, operations and setting long-term strategic goals/plans, as well as optimizing organizational efficiency, reducing costs, surpassing business objectives and community outreach.

Azmeth is recognized for his excellent leadership capabilities in establishing high-performance and cross functional teams, while maximizing human and financial resources.

Azmeth Caffoor

Asela has been with Richardson since 2003. Over the years he has held many roles both in the technical and managerial levels. Asela has a successful track record in Electrical Engineering, Manufacturing, Sourcing, Aftersales Service, Sales & Marketing, Operations and Revenue Growth. Asela is continually motivated to drive profitability, control costs, and improve processes.

He qualified from the University of Moratuwa in 2003 with a National Diploma in Technology in Electrical Engineering and holds a Graduate Diploma (BEng) in Electrical Engineering from the Engineering Council, UK. Asela also obtained his MBA from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura, Sri Lanka.

Asela Weerasekera   
Director – Engineering

Imal has vast experience working with multi nationals such as JWT, Unilever, Glaxo-Smithkline, Coca-Cola and Chevron in the Middle East, South East Asian and in the Sub-continent.

He launched Panadol and other OTC brands for GSK in Vietnam, and pioneered the entry of Hemas Consumer Brands to Bangladesh and CBL Natural Foods to Myanmar.

Imal was the group CEO of a pioneering real estate developer in Sri Lanka, CEO of the largest confectionery company (CBL) and Managing Director of the largest Sri Lankan personal care and home care company (Hemas) in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

Imal gained his post graduate education at the Indian School of Business, The Kellogg School of Management (North-western University) and the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania).  He holds a Diploma from the Charted Institute of marketing UK and is a Certified Management Accountant of Australia.

Imal Fonseka
Chief Executive Officer – Richardson Outdoor

Pradeep is a highly qualified and experienced Engineer with vast experience in a range of settings. He has held positions both at hands on service levels and as a site Engineer and Project Manager in many Civil Engineering capacities.

Pradeep graduated from the University of Moratuwa in 1997 with a BSc in Civil Engineering. He is a Chartered Civil Engineer (CEng) and a Certified Management Accountant, of the Institute of Certified Management, Accountants, Sri Lanka. (ACMA).

Pradeep is also a Corporate Member of the Institute of Engineers, Sri Lanka. MIE(SL), a Corporate Member of Society of Structural Engineers, Sri Lanka. MSSE(SL) and Certified Member of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing, CMSLIM.

Pradeep holds membership of the Post Graduate Institute of Management Alumina and has an MBA from the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

He has held many prestigious positions such as Vice Chairman of the Ceylon National Chamber of Industries and Director, of Ind-Expo Certification Limited.

Pradeep Kahawalage
CEO – Richardson Engineering

Shiyam is a dynamic, flexible and hardworking individual with a unique combination of skills and capabilities acquired during his academic studies, and over ten years of practical experience within the pharmaceutical industry in a pre-clinical research and development setting. Following this diverse career, he spent over nine years as a director in business development with a strong sales and marketing function in the travel and tourism industry, promoting Destination Sri Lanka.

Shiyam holds a BSc (Hons) in Pharmacology from the University of Hertfordshire, and a MSc in Neuroscience from Kings College London.

Shiyam currently functions as the Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for Richardson Outdoor (Pvt) Ltd.

Shiyam Mohamed
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer


Frederick is a highly experienced professional with a career spanning over 40 years. His has held many positions both in Sri Lanka and overseas working within the fields of media, sales and marketing as well as advertising.

His passion has been sharing his knowledge and coaching others to grow into advertising leaders. Frederick is driven to explore new business segments and he is highly skilled in customer acquisition. He constantly seeks new challenges with business opportunities and plays a highly important role as a creative and energetic force within the Richardson Team.

Frederick Arumugam
Chief Innovations Officer

Camillus is an affirmative, pre-emptive and result-driven senior supply chain professional with vast experience. He has a sound background in bonding internal and external business stake holders for the best interest of the entrepreneur. Throughout his career he has built strong links between corporate strategy and purchasing, while bringing up supply strategy to levels on par with competitive forces of the industry.

Camillus has an ability to build competitive infrastructures through holistic thinking using all core competencies which he has derived through his experience in academia and his vigorous carrier track record. He operates under strict adherence to professional codes and ethics within the discipline.

Camillus is a graduate of the Rajarata University of Sri Lanka with both an MBA and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. He also holds a Diploma in Purchasing and Materials Management, Purchasing, Procurement from the Institute of Supply and Materials Management – ISMM, Sri Lanka.

Camillus De Hoedt
General Manager (Supply Chain)

An experienced HR Generalist, Kanchana has worked with many organisations operating in diverse industries with different cultural backgrounds. Within these settings she has experienced significant exposure to change management initiatives due to organization restructuring and ownership changes.

Kanchana holds a MBA from Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. She has obtained a BSc in Management of Human Resources from Excelsior College in the USA, graduating with Cum Laude. Kanchana also holds an Advanced Diploma in Psychology and a Diploma in Psychology from the American College of Higher Education.

Kanchana Rupasinghe
General Manager, HR and Administration